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Our Technology

Proven Accuracy

Heart rate

± 3 beats per minute


Inter Beat Interval

± 20ms


Respiration Rate

± 3 breaths per minute


Movement Detection



Blood Pressure

± 5 mmHG


Entry/Exit Detection


Cloud Connected Seismic Sensor

Wifi + BLE battery powered cloud connected seismic sensor. When placed onto a person's bed or furniture , it records the vibrations and streams the data to the cloud. The vibrations are interpreted by an AI algorithm that inferrs the person's vital signs


Cloud based AI algorithm

Validated through an STTR, the cloud-based algorithm interprets raw seismic data into heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, on/off bed events, fall event, movements, posture changes. Key inventions protected by three filed patents

Mobile, Tablet, Web, API

The interface consists of a mobile app for setting up and displaying results, a tablet application for monitoring multiple users (such as at a facility), a web portal for managing and provisioning users, and an API gateway for third party integration


Simple Regulatory Pathway

Currently offered as a safety assisance device, the BedDot is not yet FDA cleared. The pathway consists of 510(K) Class II classifications. Partners interested in trialing the Bed Dot should connect with us

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

During COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) created CPT codes for patient vital signs monitoring, reimbursing when patients took a total of 16 measurements per month up to $160 per patient. Bed Dot can fit within the established reimbursement landscape. The technology is available to be integrated into your existing monitoring ecosystem

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