About Us

About Us

Home Dots envisions becoming a leader on offering remote contactless monitoring solutions for healthcare and home safety based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

The first product BedDot, funded by National Science Foundation, is designed for senior care facilities, where care-givers have reported anxieties due to the lack of information of care-recipients during the night. Especially some seniors may get out of bed in the middle of the night, start walking, and may fall on the floor that nobody knows until the next morning. In addition, the heart attack and sleep apnea problems may suddenly happen in the evening. BedDot offers the first real-time contactless monitoring of sleep activities and vital-signs, and issues alerts upon urgent events, giving facility, resident and family a peace of mind. It detects changes in health and safety, communicates with users and caregivers for early intervention, reduces caregiver stress and increase user and caregiver’s confidence. BedDot is currently not FDA cleared yet and not intended to use as a medical device as it is now.

Home Dots is a technology start-up originated from the research of the University of Georgia. Our mission is to provide cost-saving intelligent monitoring services for home care and security. Enable facilities to detect changes, potential risks and provide early intervention; respond timely to accidents and injuries; reduce staff workload and offer more efficient care.

Home Dots is a technology spin-off from the research of the University of Georgia. The key inventions have filed two patent applications with number #62/779,825 and #62/801,786.

For more information about us, please contact us info@homedots.us.